EcoFasten GreenFasten GF1-MLL-0812 Mill Comp Shingle Flashing

SKU: 270-0708


EcoFasten, GreenFasten1, Flashing, 8" x 12", Aluminum base for single bracket, Mill Finish, includes one 5/16" ID bonded washer, Qty. 1, GF1-MLL-0812

Most major roofing material manufacturers approve the GreenFasten GF1 bracket device for solar panel applications on most new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle roofs, and it is approved by most major roofing material manufacturers without voiding warranties.

The GreenFasten GF1 device has a proprietary watertight seal that works with a wide range of brackets. This is one of the easiest attachment points to mount in the industry due to its simplicity. Customized solutions for any proprietary hardware on the market are available.

GreenFasten GF1 has been checked for pullout and shear and meets or exceeds all known building codes. For GreenFasten GF1 with specific bracket choices, see the IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Report below.


  • Highlights - 8" x 12". For a single bracket, an aluminum base is used. Finished in the mill. One bonded washer with a 5/16" ID is included. Each item is sold in a single (1) quantity.