EcoFasten CP-SQ-Slotted Compression Bracket Adapter Plate

SKU: 270-0786


EcoFasten, Compression Bracket Adaptor Plate, Slotted, CP 2" x 2" square with one hole, use for GF1/QF/SimpleSeal, Mill Finish, Qty. 1,CP-SQ-Slotted

The EcoFasten compression bracket adapter plate is for use with GreenFasten1, QuickFoot, and SimpleSeal L-feet and flashing as an option.


  • Highlights - It's been slotted. CP square 2" x 2" with one hole. GreenFasten1, QuickFoot, and SimpleSeal can all be used for this. Finished in the mill. Each item is sold in a single (1) quantity.