EJOT EJ00000002 Tile Roof Hook

SKU: 260-0739


EJOT, Solar Hook for tile roofs, front mount, use with all racking systems, aluminum, with (2) SS #14 6mm wood screws and E22 sealing washers, 9999215006, Qty. 1, ÊEJ00000002

For roofs of Spanish tile, concrete tile, or wood shingles. Solar roof hook made of lightweight aluminum with a sealing element and special wood screws.


It has a high load-bearing capability. Low weight due to the use of lightweight, cast aluminum; lowers shipping costs and facilitates on-site transportation. Each hook's allowable forces are known. Allows for more accurate quantity calculations. The lever bends very little and absorbs a lot of energy. Many other roof hooks are much heavier and have much lower load capacities. There's no need to break any tiles. All common racking systems are compatible. It's easy to set up.