EJOT 6660108009 Hanger Bolt

SKU: 260-0412


EJOT, Stainless Steel Hanger Bolt for wood, 8mm dia x 150mm long Lag, 10mm dia x 50mm Stud, JA3-SB-8.0x150/50-FZD, Qty. 1, 6660108009

JZ3 stainless steel solar fasteners are available from EJOT. The fastener is designed to anchor easily and quickly into metal substructures, forming its own female thread for a tolerance-free attachment in substructures of US steel gauge 16 or thicker (1.5mm). Standard sealing element FZD is available.

In steel substructures, the JZ3's specialized stainless steel thread design provides optimum fastening efficiency. It can be used with walls up to 1.5mm thick (0.059" / gauge 16). (USG).