Discover Energy 950-0016-SMASI Communication Adapter

SKU: 570-0082


Discover Energy, LYNK Edge Card, use with LYNK Communication Gateway, for Sunny Island Closed Loop Communication, 950-0016-SMASI

The Discover LYNK display and gateway can be used to connect to the AES batteries. The Discover AES LiFePO4 battery and linked inverter device will communicate in real time thanks to LYNK's closed loop communications. The inverter monitoring and web services allow for remote reporting of battery status.

To communicate with unique inverter brands, Edge Cards (daughter boards) can be attached to the LYNK. A variety of cards will be available to correspond to common inverter brands. In one device, two Edge Cards can be used at the same time for different inverters and charge controllers. The AES battery bank is connected to Schneider XW and SW inverters and charge controls through the XNBS card.