Chilicon zWave Repeater

SKU: 570-0186


​Chilicon, Repeater Device, zWave Repeater

Chilicon microinverters, consumption control clamps, and other smart home devices interact with the GATEWAY monitoring system. It can be cloud-connected or run independently. A 7" 800 x 480 LCD Touch Screen on the GATEWAY makes it insightful and easy to use. When a customer allows cloud interaction, the gateway screen is used to commission the solar array's configuration, and the site configuration is automatically posted to Since registration details are filled out directly on the touch-screen, there is no need to use a laptop to link the customer's site to the cloud. The topology of the PV array is also arranged on the touch screen, allowing for device setup and verification in a single phase.

Powerline communication with the GATEWAY connects to each microinverter without additional wiring using a sophisticated multi-rate, error-resistant, and encrypted powerline communications technology. Besides that, each inverter is part of a mesh network that allows each of them to serve as a repeater, expanding the range and ensuring stable communication in any situation.

The GATEWAY has a Z-Wave (908 MHz) wireless interface that enables power consumption monitoring through current clamps mounted in any utility panel, in addition to the power line communications interferace to inverters. Every gateway has Ethernet and WiFi built in.