Chilicon T6 Male Terminator Cap

SKU: 360-0182


Chilicon, Modular Trunk Cap Male, T6 Male Cap

The trunk cabling component of a microinverter system is critical because it has a direct effect on labor costs at the installation site. Industry standard 10 AWG VNTC tray cable with a UV and cut resistant outer jacket is used in the Chilicon modular trunk and branch cabling system. The four conductor cable's 'modular' components plug together on the job site. You can now combine landscape and portrait mode PV module templates on the same string for the first time. In addition, as seen in the example below, the trunk cable is 'Self-Terminating.' The need for 'termination limits' at the end of each microinverter string is no longer necessary.

The trunk cable's 10 AWG cabling allows 30 A OCP devices to be used (typically a 2 pole circuit breakers). This means that in 240V split phase mode, 20 CP250e devices with 289W output can be wired on a single 30 A line, and in 208V three phase mode, 18 CP250e devices with 277W output can be wired on a single 30 A string.

In the case of the CP-720 device's 720W output, 8 inverters (16 modules) in 240V split phase mode or 7 inverters (14 modules) in 208V three phase mode can be wired to a 30A breaker.