Bluetti C-EP800-5-02 7.6kW Energy Storage System (9.9kWh Capacity)

SKU: 349-0131

BLUETTI, EP800+2/B500, Home Energy Storage with 1 EP800 Off Grid Inverter, 7600 Watt 120/240Vac 60Hz with 2 Channel MPPT Charge Controller, 150-500Vdc 9000W Max Input and 2 B500 4.96kWh, (9.92kWh Total), LFP Batteries, C-EP800-5-02

The BLUETTI EP800 system is a residential energy storage system that provides backup power during power outages, reduces energy costs during peak hours, and allows you to live off the grid. Its great compatibility extends beyond residential properties, making it ideal for livestock farms or grain warehouses. The off-grid installation of EP800 ensures great convenience to access power freedom without spending a lot of time and money.

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