BigBattery RAPTOR 2 K0981 3.8kW Energy Storage System (3.84kWh Capacity)

SKU: 349-0125

Big Battery, 36V Raptor 2 Kit, includes: 1, 36V/3.8kWh LFP Battery, 1 SOC Meter, 1, 25A Battery Charger, K0981

2ND GENERATION KITS ARE HERE! BigBattery’s all-new LiFePO4 RAPTOR 2 Kit is a game-changer when it comes to powering your 36V golf carts, utility carts, and industrial equipment. The RAPTOR 2 packs 3.84kWh of capacity in a highly durable, compact form factor, and is guaranteed to significantly extend your range, boost your acceleration, and drastically reduce the total weight of your vehicle, allowing you to carry heavier loads with ease.


The RAPTOR 2 was designed with safety, longevity, and visibility in mind. Not only does this battery come equipped with Tier 1 LFP cells, the safest chemistry on the market today, along with a state-of-the-art BMS featuring an automatic cell-balancing function, but all of these advanced components are housed in an IP65-rated, vibration-resistant casing so you can work hard and play harder. But it’s not enough just to know your power is secure. You should be able to see it firsthand, and the RAPTOR 2 makes this possible. With an LED State of Charge Indicator, and full RS485 communication protocols, you can stay updated on the status and performance of your battery with just a glance.


Outfit your vehicle with a reliably powerful, energy-dense RAPTOR 2 battery system, and experience superior lithium performance around the neighborhood, on the golf course, around the worksite, or in your warehouse.

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