BigBattery ETHOS KIT0950 48V Energy Storage System (15.4kWh Capacity) 3 Module

SKU: 349-0111

Big Battery, ETHOS 15.4kWh, Includes 1 ETHOS Control Box (CNT060), 3 ETHOS 48V/5.12kWh LFP Stackable Battery Modules, KIT0950

STACKABLE POWER STORAGE! BigBattery’s 48V ETHOS is here to revolutionize your home’s power. Our all new ETHOS battery system features a fully stackable and modular design, equipped with its own control box, in-depth LED display, and mounting system.


Whether you’re looking to ensure emergency backup power is available in your cabin or tiny home, or you’re looking to outfit your residential home with a powerful solar system, the ETHOS ensures reliable, efficient power delivery through every season. Equipped with an advanced BMS featuring an auto-cell balancing function, an IP65-rated casing, as well as an internal fire suppression system, the ETHOS ensures long-lasting safety and durability. Plus, with its interactive LED display and CANBus/RS485 communication protocols, you’re always able to monitor the health and status of your power. The ETHOS is certified to the highest level, including UN9540, UL1973, and CE certifications, affording the ability to grid-tie your power system and capitalize on net-metering programs and other tax incentives.


The ETHOS is now available in 2-stack (10.24 kWh) and 3-stack (15.36 kWh) configurations, with the ability to expand upon your ETHOS system as needed. It’s time to take your home’s power to the next level! Shop the all-new 48V ETHOS today!

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