BigBattery HUSKY 2 K0972 7.5kW Energy Storage System (5.12kWh Capacity)

SKU: 349-0124

Big Battery, 48V Husky 2 Kit, includes: 1, 48V/100Ah (5.12kWh) LFP Battery, 1 SOC Meter, 1, 20A Battery Charger, K0972

SECOND GENERATION POWER STORAGE IS HERE! The 48V 5.12 kWh LiFePO4 HUSKY 2 Kit is the latest and greatest from BigBattery, providing a robust solution, with unmatched reliability and efficiency, for your Golf Cart, Utility Cart, RV, & Camper Van applications.


This battery is our most energy-dense 48V solution to date, designed to power your adventures on the course, or on the open road! From its Tier 1 LFP cells to its generous operating parameters and wide temperature range, this battery redefines versatility and durability when it comes to lithium power storage, and boasts comprehensive BMS protections against Over/Under Voltage and Over Current statuses, as well as a thermal management system that affords a generous operating temperature range. But that’s not all!


The HUSKY 2 comes with state-of-the-art features to enhance the safety and visibility of your power. Not only is it housed in an IP65-rated, waterproof casing, and equipped with an advanced BMS capable of auto-balancing cells, but it also boasts a self-heating function which supports cold weather charging, ensuring you have reliable power through every winter excursion. Plus, the HUSKY 2 features full CANBus & RS485 communication protocols, and the HUSKY 2 Kit comes with a 350A external capacity meter, so you can always monitor the status and performance of your power.


Our HUSKY 2 Kit was designed to serve as a plug-and-play solution for your vehicles, easily replacing and surpassing current lead-acid alternatives, and comes with all cables, components, and mounting brackets included for a quick and simple installation, along with an efficient 17A 110V AC charger. Equipped with the HUSKY 2, you’ll be saving space and weight no matter the application, and you can rest easy knowing you’re powered and prepared to hit the road worry-free every time.

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