BigBattery ETHOS KIT0953 48V Energy Storage System (30.7kWh Capacity) 6 Module

SKU: 349-0113

Big Battery, ETHOS 30.7kWh, Includes 1 ETHOS Control Box (CNT060), 6 ETHOS 48V/5.12kWh LFP Stackable Battery Modules, KIT0953

REVOLUTIONIZING RESIDENTIAL ESS! BigBattery’s 48V ETHOS systems are here, and this 30kWh configuration is the ideal solution for off-grid power in your family homestead, cabin, or mansion, supported by comprehensive safety, reliability, and state-of-the-art features.


The ETHOS System was built to be a versatile home power solution, with a stackable, modular design for easy expandability, and all hardware included to mount your ETHOS to your wall with an effortless installation. The ETHOS comes equipped with an IP65-rated casing, an advanced BMS with auto cell-balancing, as well as an internal fire suppression system to ensure long-lasting safety and reliability. Plus, its control box features an interactive LED display, along with CANBus and RS485 communication protocols, so you can always monitor the status and performance of your power.


Whether you’re looking to ensure emergency backup power is always available, or you’re looking to outfit your home with a powerful solar system, the ETHOS ensures reliable, efficient power delivery day in and day out. Take control of your home’s power and shop the 48V ETHOS today!

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