BigBattery ETHOS K0699 Expansion Kit with 3 Battery Modules Cables and Base

SKU: 451-0016

Big Battery, Ethos Power System, 3X Expansion Kit, 3 battery Modules, Cables and Base, K0699

REVOLUTIONIZING RESIDENTIAL ESS! BigBattery’s 48V ETHOS systems are here, and this 15.36kWh Expansion Kit is the ideal solution for upgrading your current ETHOS System in your home or office. Please note that this Expansion Kit does not include a Control Box, and these 3 stackable battery modules (up to 16 total per Control Box) can be connected in parallel to your ETHOS Control Box to complete an energy storage system that fits your specific power needs.

This kit comes with the 3 ETHOS battery modules, a rack base, and each power and communication cable needed to easily connect your additional batteries to your existing ETHOS System. 

Whether you’re looking to ensure emergency backup power is always available, or you’re looking to outfit your home with a powerful solar system, the ETHOS ensures reliable, efficient power delivery day in and day out, allowing you to save on utilities, or get rewarded for giving back to the grid through net metering programs and other tax incentives.

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