BigBattery EAGLE 2 K0979 3.1kW Energy Storage System (1.63kWh Capacity) with 3 LFP Batteries

SKU: 349-0123

Big Battery, 48V 3 X Eagle 2 Kit, includes: 3, 48V/32Ah (1.63kWh) LFP Batteries, 1 SOC Meter, 1, 20A Battery Charger, 4 #4AWG Cables, K0979

2ND GENERATION POWER TAKES FLIGHT! Introducing BigBattery’s all-new 48V 4.89 kWh LiFePO4 3x EAGLE 2 Kit. The EAGLE 2 embodies the reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from BigBattery solutions, packing Tier 1 LFP cells in a compact, GC2 form factor. This energy-dense design allows for effortless installations in your golf cart, utility vehicle, 48V UTV, or 48V LSV. Plus, the EAGLE 2 serves as a mirror-image replacement for any stock T-105 lead-acid battery, allowing you to greatly reduce the total weight of your cart without battery tray modifications, while seeing significant boosts in lifespan, range, and acceleration.


But the EAGLE 2 provides so much more than efficient, long-lasting lithium power storage. This battery comes standard with advanced features that enhance the safety and visibility of your power. Not only does the EAGLE 2 come equipped with an LED capacity meter on the top of the unit, but it also supports CANBus communication protocols, and the EAGLE Kit comes with its own external capacity meter, so you can always monitor the status and performance of your battery system, even while your batteries are tucked away in their battery tray. Plus, the EAGLE 2 features a fully reimagined, IP67-rated casing for comprehensive protection against dust, water, and other contaminants while you’re on the road.


But that’s not all. The EAGLE 2 was designed to support your adventures through every season. Whether you’re hitting the links on a hot summer day, or going boondocking in the middle of winter, the EAGLE 2’s advanced BMS supports a wide temperature operating range, and a self-heating function allows for superior cold weather charging, ensuring your adventures never get cut short due to unreliable power. Quit worrying about your power and get back to making memories with friends and family when you equip your vehicle with the all-new 48V EAGLE 2 from BigBattery.

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