BigBattery EAGLE 2 K0938 Scissor Lift Kit with 2 24V/64Ah LFP Batteries

SKU: 349-0127


Big Battery, 24V 2 X Eagle 2 Scissor Lift Kit, includes: 2, 24V/64Ah LFP Batteries, 2 Eagle 86# Counter Weight, 2 #4AWG Cables,K0938

Elevate the performance and efficiency of your scissor lifts with our state-of-the-art GC2 form factor LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Scissor Lift Upgrade Kit. Designed as a superior alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries, this kit not only promises enhanced power but also incorporates a meticulously engineered counterweight system, making it a seamless replacement solution for a wide range of scissor lifts.


High-Performance Batteries: Our LFP batteries offer a significant upgrade over lead-acid batteries, providing longer life cycles, no maintenance, more efficiency for power savings, and faster charging. This translates to increased operational uptime and reduced maintenance costs.


Counterweight: The kit includes a specially designed counterweight. Four Trojan T-104 batteries weight a total of 248 lbs (62lbs x 4). Each 24V EAGLE 2 battery weighs 33 lbs and each counterweight weights 91 lbs, for a minimum kit weight of 248lbs to match the lead-acid weight. This ensures that replacing your existing lead-acid batteries doesn’t affect the stability and safety of your scissor lifts. NOTE: Please refer to the minimum weight specs that should be stamped in your product’s battery bay and in your spec sheet. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure you are above your minimum battery bay weight.


Eco-Friendly and Safe: LFP technology is known for its eco-friendliness, with no toxic lead or acid involved. It’s also inherently safer, with a reduced risk of overheating and no toxic battery vapors, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and clean environments such as food handling.


Plug-and-Play Installation: Engineered for convenience, our kit is designed for easy installation. It’s a straightforward, plug-and-play solution that requires minimal downtime, allowing you to quickly upgrade and get back to work.


Cost-Effective: While offering superior performance, our LFP battery kit is also cost-effective in the long run due to its longevity and maintenance-free operation, ensuring a great return on investment.