APsystems YC600 600W Microinverter

SKU: 321-0003


APsystems, YC600 Micro Inverter, compatible with Dual 60/72-cell PV Modules, 240/208 volt, 60Hz, 600VA Peak Power, 55Vdc Max Input, MC4 Type Connector, 10 year Warranty, UL1741-SA, Rule-21(240V Only), 110001

The YC600 is the pinnacle of microinverter technology, with its ground-breaking architecture and features. The YC600 is a single-phase, smart grid-compliant microinverter with dual, independent MPPT that serves two modules. Zigbee wireless networking over a mesh network provides higher data rates than PLC, and a broader MPPT voltage range enables homeowners to produce more electricity.

  • The YC600 is a true utility-interactive microinverter with Reactive Power Control (RPC) technology that complies with CA Rule 21 and is NEC 2014/2017 Rapid Shutdown compliant by default. The unit also builds on APsystems' popular multi-module microinverter line, making installation easier and lowering logistics costs. Microinverter with dual modules and separate MPPT
  • Reactive Power Control and Utility-interactive (RPC)
  • CA Rule 21 compliant
  • Continuous power of 274VA per channel, 300VA peak
  • Accommodates modules from 250-440W+
  • Wide MPPT voltage range (22V-45V)
  • Meets NEC 2014/2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements
  • ZigBee communication & free monitoring