APsystems QT2 124063 1.8kW 3-Ph Micro Inverter

SKU: 321-0013

APsystems, QT2-480, 3 Phase Micro Inverter, compatible with Four PV Modules, 3 Phase 480V WYE or Delta, 60Hz, 1,800W Max Output, 60Vdc Max Input, 25A Max Isc per input, MC4 Connector, 10 year Warranty, 124063

APsystems introduces its 2nd generation of native 3-phase quad microinverters, reaching unprecedented power outputs of 1728VA (for 208V) and 1800VA (for 480V) to harness the power of today’s high-output PV modules. The QT2 microinverter gives commercial installers a powerful plug-and-play MLPE inverter that installs faster than competing solutions and is inherently compliant to rapid shutdown requirements.

With balancing 3-phase output, 4 DC inputs and encrypted ZigBee wireless, installers and system owners alike benefit from new QT2 architecture platform. The innovative design facilitates thermal dissipation while maximizing power production. The components are encapsulated with silicone to reduce stress on the electronics, dissipate heat, enhance waterproof properties, and ensure maximum reliability of the system. 24/7 access to performance data through apps or APsystems EMA web-based portal facilitate remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The new QT2 is grid-interactive through its Reactive Power Control (RPC) feature, designed to better manage photovoltaic power spikes in the grid. At 96.5% peak efficiency and improved reliability, the QT2 is a game changer for commercial solar.


  • Designed for 3-phase grid connection (208V or 480V)
  • Single unit connects to 4 modules up to 600W+, dual MPPT, module-level DC voltage
  • QT2 208V – 1728W output  // QT2 480V – 1800W output
  • Native 3 Phase (L1, L2, L3), Balancing 3-phase output
  • Compatible with both △ and Y 3-phase grid
  • CA Rule 21 (UL 1741 SB) compliant
  • Integrated safety protection relay
  • Adjustable power factor

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